Intimate Waxing

Bikini Line   £8

Outside knicker line & crease of leg

High Leg Bikini   £12

High sides & thin strip of the top

Brazilian   £15

Strip left front to back

Playboy   £20

Pencil line strip left at the front & all hair underneath removed

American   £22

All hair removed front to back

Vegas   £10

Swarovski Crystal Tattoos for the bikini area

American Vegas aka "A Vajazzle"   £30

All hair removed followed by a Swarovski Crystal Tattoo

Buttocks Only   £8
Buttcrack Only   £8
Buttocks & Buttcrack   £15
Bikini Gems
Bikini Gems
Kim Lawless Trained Waxer - Hot Wax

I have been trained in intimate hot waxing by the famous Kim Lawless, using the very finest Perron Rigot wax!

Bikini Line   £10
High Leg Bikini Line   £15
Brazilian   £20
Playboy or American   £30
American Vegas   £38
Butt Crack Only   £12
Buttocks & Butt Crack   £20